How To Purchase


Step 1) Download Metamask Wallet Make sure to follow all the instructions and store your secret phrase in a safe place. If you lose it, you will not be able to recover your wallet.

Step 2) Connect to the BINANCE SMART CHAIN by clicking the tab on the top where it says “Main Ethereum Network”

Click on the network dropdown and select “Custom RPC”

In the “Networks” form fill in the following to connect to the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet and click the “Save” button:

Network name:  Binance Smart Chain
BNB Block Explorer: 
Now switch to the BSC Network by clicking the “Networks” drop-down and selecting the “Binance Smart Chain” you just added.

Step 3)   In order to fund our newly created wallet we will need to purchase BNB.  For people located in the U.S. we recommend using Binance US. 

For people outside the U.S. we recommend using the global Binance Website

 U.S. Residents will need to provide their I.D. and follow the procedures in order to setup an account.  

Step 4)  Once the verification process is complete you can now purchase BNB and transfer it to your Metamask wallet by following these instructions.  Just make sure you select BNB when purchasing.

Step 5) We’re almost there!  Simply withdraw the recently purchased BNB into your Metamask by following this simple procedure:

          a.) Navigate to your Wallet page from the menu bar, and click withdraw in the top right corner.


          b.) Select the cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw from the pop-up window. Then enter the amount of your withdrawal                      and withdrawal address by either selecting the address from your whitelist or entering the withdrawal address, followed by                      the Preview Withdrawal button:


         c.)  You can save the address from the linked ‘Address Management’ page.

         d.) You will receive an email asking for your confirmation.  Open the email titled Withdraw Request Confirmation, verify that  it is your intended transaction, and then click Confirm Withdraw to proceed with the withdrawal.

Step 6)  We’re just moments away from purchasing RodeoCoin!  Once the BNB is transferred to your Metamask wallet we can now add the RodeoCoin token to your Metamask wallet by:  

                     Within Metamask click the Assets button and import tokens   

Now just fill in the following information

Contract Address:  0xF04Cb10B76F1BF04B7954E2aF5D1ec3f4D967a68

Token Symbol:  RODEO

Decimals of Precision:  18






Step 6) Finally, just head over to PancakeSwap and click the Connect button on the top right corner of your screen and select Metamask.  The “From” field on pancakeswap will be our BNB and the “To” field we will select RodeoCoin