A new kind of cryptocurrency

An Investment That Builds Community

RodeoCoin encourages long term investment by rewarding its holders with stable coin in the form of $BUSD.  Short term our goal is marketing through philanthropy, long term we intend to globalize through sponsorships and larger projects that include music, art and all things western culture.  

Who is it for?

Anybody can invest in RodeoCoin! When we say, our project is community we mean it. Every RodeoCoin transaction will fund our charity wallet that serves one purpose: helping communities at the local level.  

The Team


The Man With The Plan

Despite his Silicon Valley upbringing, Phil’s father instilled in him the values he had learned growing up on a farm.  No stranger to the western lifestyle,  Phil learned hard work and willingness to help those in need was the secret to a good life. 

Under his fathers tutelage, Phil quickly became a master of farming machinery and with these skills quickly started climbing the business ladder to eventually owning his own successful companies.


The Tech Guy

Raised in a family with a successful background in business operations, Jordan has always been passionate about computer science and the wellbeing of all humanity.  Jordan’s technical background includes computer science, computer engineering, and business development.



The Doer

Steve was raised in a rodeo agricultural community and has a background in large business operations.  Steve is no stranger to the Western and rodeo communities, working in and helping coordinate one of the largest Rodeos in the world.  Steve is deeply rooted and involved in the rodeo, agriculture and Western lifestyle.  Steve is passionate about his work.  He is no stranger to charitable donations, striving to help communities grow and evolve.